memoQ Trend Report 2019

A curious look from the memoQ team into the most important developments we believe will influence the landscape of translation technology and related fields in the coming year.

Content from the Couch

The on-demand entertainment content market is skyrocketing, so does the demand for audiovisual localization. Translating audiovisual content requires a totally different mindset. For LSPs, it means learning new techniques and technologies. Is the industry ready for it?


In a Race, Efficiency and Process Automation Wins

Since 2009, the language service market has doubled from $23.5 billion to $46.5 billion in 2018.  The number of language service providers is also rising in accordance with the market. When the stakes are high, how can a translation company win? The answer is automation.

A Desire for Actionable Analytics and Reporting

If you spend 10 minutes with a group of C-level executives discussing translation services, chances are, the word “reporting” will come up. Is the desire for “actionable reporting” all talk and mere hype?


Machine Translation Evolves… But How Does It Impact Translators’ Jobs?

No one can deny machine translation technology is here to stay, but there are still big questions to answer:  What’s the role of translators now that machine translation is readily available? Will they still get the same amount of work? How do we measure their efforts?

Moving Beyond the Keyboard

Because a person can speak more quickly than type, many believe voice recognition technology could eventually replace predictive typing. Who in the translation industry is benefiting from this technology?