memoQ Trend Report 2019:
Reader's Reflections

We published our second trend report last December where we looked at different developments that would likely influence the translation industry in 2019.


Topics included the on-demand entertainment content market and audiovisual localization, the importance of process automation, the need to improve reporting features, the evolvement of machine translation, and the significant presence of voice recognition technology in the translation industry.


Just like in our 2018 trend report, we offered the possibility to make it interactive through surveys where you had the opportunity to share your opinions regarding each topic featured for 2019.


Since December 2018, more than three months later, 5000+ readers from 125 countries were interested in this report. Now, let’s look at the results!

Summary of results:

Content from the couch – 98% of our readers believe that the demand for more audiovisual content is real and not just another hype!


In a race, efficiency and process automation wins – 87% believe that automation is key for translation companies that want to establish a competitive advantage.


A desire for actionable analytics and reporting – only 38% are actively measuring their return on investment in localization


Machine translation evolves… But how does it impact translators’ jobs? – 51% believe machine translation creates more business opportunities for the industry.


Moving beyond the keyboard – 63% think voice recognition technology will soon become more popular than predictive typing.